October 18, 2015

The Company


In nearly all parts of the world, irrespective if Occident or Orient, people have worked and researched on alchemy since ancient times. In all cultures of the world, people have tried to turn base metals into gold with the help of this knowledge. Alchemists executed several steps until they could perceive the gleaming beauty of gold in their base metals. With a specific method, they connected the four elements earth, water, wind and fire with the different principles warm – cold, dry – moist. This preparation was supposed to ensure the purity of elements. The application of these principles according to alchemists’ knowledge turned base metals into “materia prima”, which than became gold.


In many cultures, the term “Qimia” refers to alchemist knowledge. For us, Qimia means the gold standard of our projects in analogy to the alchemists’ ability to turn base metals into gold. With a clear analysis and working up of basic structures, tasks and objectives, we understand and identify the “materia prima” in our projects, which we lead to project’s success and to our gold standard seal with our complex know-how in IT and banking.