October 18, 2015

Big Data Solutions

Big Data

  • With our data solutions based on Hadoop and NoSQL, great amounts of data from different sources are gathered, processed and made available in different formats at the touch of a button.
  • These data have not been made full use of yet, since either the volume of data was too extensive for an analysis and, thus, it could not be acquired and processed or IT costs for this process were too high.
  • We make your data transparent in the desired manner, so you can gain a profound insight into your data.
  • We manage your data and implement tailor-made business analytic solutions based on open source technology.


  • We deliver ready-made configured Linux (CoreOS and Docker) clusters with pre-installed Hadoop bundles for your big data infrastructure. Our fully automated Hadoop clusters are scaleable, safe, reliable and conditioned for immediate start-up.


  • We advice you on the possible use cases in your sector.
  • We show you how you can bring together customer interaction data (clickstreams etc.) and customer and product master data and how you can use them for selective advertising or sentiment analyses.
  • On the basis of your transaction data, we help you improve your financial services by minimizing risks and maximizing chances.
  • We develop large data platforms for connected devices in the area connected cars and industry 4.0.